Summary of Agile Experience

Agile works when the entire organization is truly engaged. With the help of our CIO, we developed a comprehensive approach to implementing an Agile culture that included education from top to bottom.

The journey was wonderful. I don't think I even knew how much of a gap there was between IT and it's sponsors until I realized (just recently) that our projects were in fact being driven by the business with a real understanding and prioritization of the competing initiatives.  That we (IT) weren't making those decisions independently and ultimately disappointing the otherwise disjointed.

Based on the quality and quantity of work we've produced pre and post Agile, I estimate (loosely) that we deliver three hundred percent more value for the business, and in line with its vision.

And now I get to call myself Scrum Master!

I advised our CEO that we would be and Agile company when we stopped feeling the need to call ourselves and Agile company; and that the subtlety of that distinction will become more evident as it becomes more natural to approach any change with an Agile mindset. -- He get's it!

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