About Me

Who I Am

I am the Director of Software Development for an industry leader in Automobile Fleet Accident / Safety Management. I've been with my company for twenty years (loyalty!), during which I've enjoyed many challenges and many successes. And a few failures, I suppose. Maybe. And I've had the privilege of working with, and traveling all over the world with some really good people.

I am a father of three. My eldest is now 20, which is has its ups and downs. My youngest is 14 and female. That's a challenge every parent should have to endure. One of my two measures of a true man...the other being that every person should have to be a waiter at some point in their life.

And I am a body pump instructor. Truth being, I did it just so I could secure my position in class, but it turns out I really enjoy having that impact on others' well being and health.

What I Am Doing Now

I am currently Directing two Scrum teams in an Agile environment. We are constantly improving what has proven to be industry leading software solutions for our customers, and constantly pushing our limits to keep the company and the team on the leading edge. We work primarily with Microsoft technology, sugared with whatever else we can get our hands in to get the job done. I've had the great fortune of working with talented people, and for a company that is invested in our success.

What I Am Proud Of

I pursued my degree (BA/Comp Sci) after a rather silly and failed stint post H.S. Three years of working at a pizza place (and a pretty girl) gave me enough incentive to get back on the right track. I married that pretty girl, which meant kids, which meant night school at Ursinus, which meant I had to push myself (and her) very hard. Maybe that's a third measure.

I built my company's first claims processing software, which boasts a powerful configuration-driven workflow and rules engine - the fundamentals of which are still in production today. I've evolved that system with a great team over these years, successfully negotiating the rapidly changing tides of technology and the wildly heterogeneous requirements of our customers.

I pride myself on being able to communicate at all levels of the organization. Not just that I speak goodly, but that I am very thoughtful and understanding of different personalities and perceptions. I am a very introspective person, and am extremely perceptive about others as well. Recognizing the need to engage everyone in success, a tenet mastered by someone who was generous enough to cultivate those values in me, I pursued and embraced an executive mentor-ship program through which I've been able to hone those skills, yielding a surprising change in the way I impact others, and the way they impact me. It's a work in progress, for the rest of my life.


  • .Net (C#) / ASP.Net / MVC
  • ORM - Entity Framework
  • Javascript
  • AngularJS / Angular 2
  • Apache Cordova
  • TDD (xunit, nunit, jasmine, junit)
  • JQuery
  • Azure
  • HTML / CSS
  • OOCSS (Sass)
  • MongoDb
  • SQL
  • MySql
  • TFS
  • NServiceBus
  • SAML 2.0
  • Agile/Scrum
  • SDLC
  • CRM
  • SilverLight
  • Microsoft CRM